Wellness Workbook for Early Care & Education (ECE)

Promoting healthy habits today for a heathier tomorrow

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Welcome to the Wellness Workbook

The Wellness Workbook helps ECE providers, families and community partners work together to raise fit, happy children. ECE professionals can use this online workbook to assess, develop and monitor their program’s wellness policies and practices. Visit the Introduction section to learn how to get started.

Program Assessments

Take a program assessment below to learn how your ECE program may already be promoting healthy habits and how to improve. The results of your program assessment should inform your Wellness Policy.

ECE Program Registration

Please complete the ECE Program Registration Form. By registering, you gain access to your workbook, program specific progress, and generating your own program’s Wellness Policy. Registration and access to all resources is free.
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ECE programs and provider practices play a critical role in shaping children’s food preferences and eating behaviors. Understand how your program’s practices and policies can lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. 
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Physical Activity

Combining movement with learning helps kids grow up healthy. Assess how your practices support structured and unstructured active play.
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Screen Time

ECE programs can promote active play and provide resources to help families reduce screen time.
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Family Engagement

Your Wellness Policy can help engage program staff, families, and community partners in supporting a healthy environment.
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Staff Wellness

To improve the environment of your ECE program, it’s important to support your staff (teachers, foodservice staff, etc.) in making healthy changes in their own lives.
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Access additional resources to support your Wellness Policy

  • Action Planning: Develop an Action Plan to assist you in implementing, evaluating, and monitoring your wellness policies.
  • Evaluation: Regularly monitor your Wellness Policy to understand is working well and where you could continue to improve